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Lone Rider 

About Me

Digital journal, Swag bag, Facebook group access, exclusive discounts from Whole30 Approved Brands and live attendance to the most important sessions; our kick-off and reintroduction coaching.  


  • Initial kick-off to discuss rules, strategies, social outings, and possible barriers. 

  • Your digital journal contains curated resources we have found to be most helpful in finishing a Whole30. Including but not limited to; the rules, grocery lists, meal planners, tips/tricks, exclusive recipes, restaurant guides, non-scale victories, and more! 

  • One workout at Rush Cycle with a Whole30 approved raffle.

  • Weekly “homework” to ensure you get the full emotional and physical benefit of the program, keeping you engaged and ready to discuss at each coaching meet-up. 

  • Extended Intro and Reintroduction coaching sessions to address all questions and concerns. 

  • An epic swag bag of Whole30 approved products valued at $100. 

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Andrea and Whitney created Whole30 Dallas Duo after realizing how much more attainable healthy living was when surrounded by a similar-minded supportive community. After multiple Whole30 rounds, they share in their own Food Freedom together! When they're not hosting meet&greets, lectures, and leading a coaching group you'll find them both giggling over an almond milk americano during the day (they're both former baristas!) a topo-tequila on holiday, and running intervals on the woodway treadmill. 

Let's Talk

"Drinking your coffee black. Is. Not. Hard.”

{but we'll help you through it anyways!}

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