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Frequently asked questions 

fact: whole30 dallas duo received the first ever whole30 coaching innovation award at the 2018 summit.  

When does Whole30 Dallas Duo offer group coaching? We offer Whole30 Dallas Duo as a comprehensive, social coaching group 3 times per year; January, September & once in the Spring! We lead our group through the Whole30 reset and reintroduction, providing 40 days of guidance and support!  Local and virtual options are available. ​

Do you offer private coaching, too? 

One on One coaching is offered on a limited, by request, basis. We also offer to coordinate and plan Whole30 workshops, lectures and events.


What makes you so special, anyway? 
We're the first official coaching duo, and more uniquely, the only clinician + non-clinician duo. We offer a comprehensive Dallas-area coaching group that includes more than just Whole30 instructions but guided grocery shopping, workouts, guided meals, curated restaurant experiences, reintroduction workshops and specific resources to sail right into your Food Freedom!  

Are you always on Whole30? 
We both found life-transforming benefits from the Whole30, but we've also found happiness and health in our Food Freedom. We both complete anywhere from 1-2 Whole30 resets a year, but each is uniquely decided upon.

And, are your events exclusive to your group? 
80% of our events are open to the public for a discounted drop-in rate. This year alone, we've hosted over ten events with public access.
$10 to take a Barry's Bootcamp class? YES please! 

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